About Heather

Heather Persall receIMG_1600ived a Diploma of Applied Psychology and Counselling in 2013, from the Kelowna College of Professional Counselling, an accredited training facility in British Columbia, Canada. She is a proud member in good standing with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. This organization requires that she conduct her business practices according to the professional standards of competency strictly upheld by the CPCA. For more information about this organization, please go to www.cpca-rpc.ca. In addition, Heather also is a member in good standing with the Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (CCPCP) which, in conjunction with the CPCA, designates the strict standards to which all members adhere. Their website is www.ccpcp.ca.

Whole Heart Counselling is a Kelowna based private practice offering Client-Centered Counselling to individuals and couples, including but not limited to support groups and public presentations, workshop services and structured programs. Specializing in Complex Grief and working closely with those who are PTSD sufferers, we help others to overcome struggles such as stress/anxiety, grief, teen or family issues, life purpose, care-giving, transitions, identity and life crises and any other issue that separates you from your own self-empowerment.