My daughter and I went to see Heather during a difficult time in our lives. We both felt instantly connected to her. She worked with my daughter as my daughter said she would only go to counselling if it was with Mrs. Persall.  She went regularly once a week and between the two of them we got my baby girl back and ready to take on her problems.

Heather and I dealt with the current issues as well as a 20 year old grieving that I had never dealt with. It turned out amazing. It was extremely difficult but I got to a point that I could retell my loss without falling apart emotionally which was something I haven’t been able to do in 20 years.

Overall we both had an amazing experience with Heather. She is an amazing person and counsellor and we will be keeping in contact in the future.


I contacted Heather when I was feeling overwhelmed  by family matters.
She is compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable.  She really listens and is committed to helping you feel better.


I found Heather to be a warm and understanding listener. I would be happy to send my friends her way.
K. B.
A very helpful and comforting and compassionate way to find the help you need. Not the usual clinical setting and very heartfelt and warm approach to helping and understanding.
 Open Learning
Since I have known Heather I find her to be very compassionate about the well-being of her clients. She is very approachable and friendly. She has life experiences that allows her to be empathetic towards others. I would highly recommend her to help you get through the tough spots in life. She is real!
V. S.
Heather is an amazing person! Her office is very inviting and comfortable! She has a certain demeanour
which immediately puts you at ease! She tailors her services to your specific needs! Very professional and highly recommended!
  J. K.
Heather is so kind and very dedicated to her clients wellbeing! Her office is warm and inviting; less clinical than some offices. I would absolutely recommend Heather to anyone – amazing, compassionate, caring and professional! Love her!!
J. D.
Heather makes it easy to open up and share, even about very painful experiences. Her approach is such that one feels as though she is truly a trusted confidante, and she has an uncanny way of knowing when there’s more on your mind. Having dealt with violence, trauma and loss, I felt entirely safe in Heather’s care. Highly recommended.
B. K. S.
Heather brings not only a lot of heart to her work with clients, but relevant personal experience that is invaluable in providing comfort and connection during times of grief and trauma. If you want a truly supportive counsellor in helping you to overcome difficult circumstances in your life, I would recommend the assistance of Whole Heart Counselling to get you back to a balanced and joyful life.
G. P. P.
Heather is a dear friend of mine for many a year. I know, from having such a caring, compassionate friend as Heather, that her counselling skills will be of much benefit to those who use her valuable service.